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Davidson Plum trees at Bangalow Coffee

Davidson Plum trees at Bangalow Coffee

We purchased our property in Nashua in 1997 and began planting the first coffee trees in the spring of 1998.

We currently have over 7,000 coffee trees in production across 8 acres of coffee on frost free, red volcanic soil.

We surround our coffee plantation with local rainforest which is part of our commitment to replanting and encouraging local rainforest species.

All our coffee is produced on our property 20 minutes from the town of Byron Bay, and 10 minutes from Bangalow.

Our coffee is picked by hand and machine depending on the season, processed and sundried.
Freshly roasted locally every week, we work to keep farm freshness from the bean to your cup.

We sell within the Northern Rivers at local markets and many local stores, with a dedicated number of postal order customers throughout Australia.

We also grow Australian native bush foods such as Davidson Plums, Lemon Myrtle and Aniseed Myrtle.

As well as coffee we grow lychees and Davidson Plum, a native bush plum that is used in jam, sauces and wine.
We are active members of our local Landcare and community group applying care not only to our own farm, but also to the community areas we help look after.

We are members of the Byron Farmers Market Association.

Bangalow Coffee- our farm

Andy and Michelle Clark - Bangalow Coffee

Andy and Michelle Clark - Bangalow Coffee