Summer coffee treats

Bangalow Coffee is such a rich sweet coffee, it lends itself  perfectly to cold summer treats.
The following tow suggestions come from our neighbour Jacinta who is a dedicated Bangalow Coffee drinker.


  • 1 plunger of ¬†strong Bangalow Coffee coffee (or made in espresso coffee-maker)
  • 110g granulated sugar
  • 1 shallow 850ml polythene freezer container

Dissolve sugar in hot coffee. allow to cool, then pour into container and put in freezer. As soon as it has begun to form ice crystals around edge, stir with fork to distribute ice.(It can take 2-3 hrs to reach this stage in conventional freezer- so keep an eye on it). After that keep returning and forking the ice crystals around until you have no liquid coffee left. This can take up to another 3 hrs, but impossible to be exact as freezers vary.

You can serve the granita at this point, or, if you need to leave it frozen, all you do is remove it to the main body of the fridge 20 mins befor eserving. to break up ice, use strong fork; this is not meant to be like a sorbet, but is served as coffee- flavoured ice crystals.

ICED COFFEE -naturally refreshing

make your coffee as usual, and then with the leftover coffee (if there is any!!) put it into a milkshake container (or glass jug), and put into your fridge.

When the heats gets to you – take it out, pour int a glass and add ice cubes.

milk is optional. No bitterness, olny brilliant coffee flavour.

I love this when the weather is hot and humid.

(from Jacinta)

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